Firm Leadership

Corrie A. Meyer

 President/CEO, Innovative Planning, LLC

Resume Summary

Corrie is President and CEO of Innovative Planning. As a certified Urban Planner, licensed Landscape Architect and strategic leader, Corrie leads cities and development teams by delivering creative projects through redevelopment and placemaking strategies.  She leads projects from inception through completion.  Corrie also works with communities to deliver quality of life and vision planning. Her strengths are in problem solving, building consensus and site design.

Planner, Project Manager, Designer, and Owner’s Representative

Corrie serves as the principal-in-charge for projects with Innovative Planning. She leads the facilitation of a project from idea through due diligence, planning, design implementation, construction and completion.   Corrie led the Carmel Redevelopment Commission and Reconnecting to Our Waterways in Indianapolis, directing investment in their respective community. She provides visionary and adaptive leadership for her clients by guiding investment strategies, managing public outreach and advocacy, facilitating stakeholder management, and overseeing development strategies that drive transformative change

 James P. Streeter

 Vice President, Innovative Planning, LLC

Resume Summary

Jim’s leadership, experience, and technical expertise in foreseeing and resolving project issues is vital in assisting with and ensuring owner expectations. He excels in overseeing resource allocation, project planning, and facilitating on-time, within-budget, and delivery of the project. As Vice President, he is responsible for locating and bringing project opportunities to Innovative Planning. As the project becomes active he stays connected to the project by managing team responsibilities and maintaining continuity between all parties.

 Owner’s Representative

Jim leads and facilitates all services necessary to manage the construction process. He assists Owner’s with decisions by defining project requirements, managing schedule and budget, providing possible logistical considerations, and coordinating with design/ construction teams.